National Library and Documentation Services Board has been nominated as the National Agency in Sri Lanka for ISBN, ISSN and ISMN International Standard Numbering Systems.

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International Standard Book Numbering project (ISBN)

International Standard Book Numbering (ISBN) is a system designed to provide identification for all books published in Sri Lanka. ISBN is a unique and unchangeable number which identifies one work or one binding or one edition of a work issued by a given publisher. It is an internationally recognizable number consisting of thirteen digits. The National Agency for Sri Lanka which is the NLDSB, register Sri Lankan publishers that comes under the categories of commercial, governmental and non-governmental institutions and author/ private publishers (individuals) and allocate publisher prefixes as well as ISBN to their publications.

Use of ISBN in publishing houses

The different stages of editing and manufacturing a book
Stock control
Accounting and billing
Handling of returns

Use of ISBN in libraries

Information retrieval
Retrieval and downloading of catalogue records
Circulation and inter lending
The National Bibliography

International Standard Serial Numbering Project (ISSN)

International Standard Serial Number is a unique eight-digit code that identifies individual serial publications in Sri Lanka such as periodicals, newspapers, annuals (annual reports, year books, directories, etc.) journals, memoirs, proceedings, transactions of societies and monographic series. The ISSN facilitates the national and international exchange of information about serial publications for the purposes of ordering, inventory control, processing and retrieval.

International Standard Music Numbering Project (ISMN)

International Standard Music Number is a unique thirteen digit number that identifies all printed music publications, whether available for sale, hire or gratis–whether a part, a score or an element in a multi-media kit. (Printed music – books with songs and relevant scores)

Benefits of using ISMN

Allows fast and unique identification
Allows quick and efficient ordering
Speeds up distribution
Allows the creation of a trade music directory, music in print
Allows a variety of computer applications