The Publication Assistance Project sponsored by the NLDSB with the objective of making available specific category publications and encouraging authors in the relevant field. And also this project was launched to achieve the following objectives.

  • Making quality local publications freely available
  • Helping the publishing industry in the country
  • Assisting authors, translators etc.
  • Improving the quality and standard of publications.
  • Promoting the reading habit
  • Maintaining the prices of publications at a fair level

Since 1984, the publication assistance project has been assisting authors to publish their work. Assistance doesn’t merely come in the form of the project providing most of the funds required for publishing, but the board also considers the content of the book, cover page, page layout, paper quality and finish.

Subject areas

Accept the manuscripts in the following categories.

  • Research books
  • Subject book/ Translations
  • Creative books. (Novels, Short Stories, Classics poems, Drama, Songs)
  • Youth literary
  • Child literacy

Two copies of each manuscript should be submitted for consideration along with duly perfected application from obtained from the NLDSB.

  • The manuscripts submitted should be computer typeset, or typewritten and should be legible and well spaced.
  • A manuscripts should be submitted complete with dedicatory lines, introduction, preface, acknowledgments, photographs, diagrams, sketches, maps, charts, etc…, if the author wishes to include them in the printed work.
 Publication Assistant Project 2020/ 2021


Address : Assistant Director
Publication & Book Development Division
National Library and Documentation Services Board
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