Library & Information Science Abstracts (LISA)

Library and Information Science Abstract (LISA) is an international abstracting and indexing tool designed for library and information professionals. LISA currently contains abstracts of over 440 periodicals from more than 68 countries in more than 20 different languages. The areas covered by LISA are Library Management, Library Technology, Library Use and Users, Librarianship, Libraries and Archives, Online Information Retrieval, Publishing and Book Selling, Records Management, Knowledge Management, Telecommunications, Technical Services, World Wide Web, Internet Technology, Information Technology, Information Storage, Information Science, Information Management, Computer Science Applications, Information Centres, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Information, Book Reviews, CD - ROMs and etc. Every two weeks, with more than 500 records added per update. Available content types are scholarly Journals, conference papers and proceedings. The searching facility of LISA is available in the National Library.

  Library & Information Science Abstracts (LISA)

Law Lanka

Law lanka is an online database providing full text contents of latest acts, consolidated legislative enactments, amendment acts, new law reports (NLR), Sri Lanka law reports (SLR). It contains legal aspects of Sri Lanka as follows.

  • Acts & Ordinance (accessible through year order as well as alphabetical order in Sinhala, Tamil and English full text from 1956 to 2016)
  • Legislative enactments (Consolidated, 1956 revised version and 1980 revised version with both reading and narrative modes)
  • Case laws (Sri Lanka Law reports, New law reports, Case Indexes with both reading and narrative modes)

The searching facility of law lanka online database is available in the National Library.


Developing Library Network (DELNET)

DELNET has been engaged with the compilation of various union catalogues of the resources available in member libraries. It has already created the union catalogue of books, union list of current periodicals, union catalogue of periodicals, CD ROM databases, database of Indian specialists, database of theses and dissertation, database on periodical, articles union list of video recordings and several other databses. Objectives of DELNET are to promote resource sharing among member libraries to undertake scientific research in the area of information and science and technology to create new systems in the field, to offer technical guidence to member libraries on collecting, storing, sharing and disseminating information, to coordinate efforts for suitable collection development and to reduce unnecessary duplication whenever possible. Searching facility of DELNET is available for readers in the National Library.

  Developing Library Network

Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professional (CILIP)

The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) is the leading professional body for librarians, information specialists and knowledge managers in the United Kingdom. CILIP's vision is a fair and economically prosperous society underpinned by literacy, access to information and the transfer of knowledge. Organization membership is designed to deliver benefits at all levels of organization. It provides, support for employers to build professional networks, access to a comprehensive framework for delivering modern library and information services, opportunity to analyze training needs and to commission affordable high quality training as well as discounts on premium services and products.

Organization benefits and services

  • Access to the Professional Knowledge and Skills base - a powerful tool for CPD mapping as well as workforce planning and development.
  • Nominated representatives will receive update magazine and regular email updates as well as having full access to the extensive online journal service.
  • Nominated representatives can select two special interest groups that best represent the needs of your organization. These groups are valued as providers of excellent support, training, information sharing and networking opportunities.
  Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professional

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