• The aim of the library co-operation programme is to improve co-operation at national and international level in library field. Through various programmes, NLDSB organizes programmes with other libraries and institutions relevant to the library field, and to have co-operation with the National Libraries of the world, Library Associations of the world and International Institutes in the field of library such as IFLA, ALA, COMLA, UNESCO, CDNLAO, REFSALA, IASL etc. Following activities are carried out under this programme.

  • To have links with unions relevant to the library field.

  • To improve the professional knowledge of the librarians and discuss their problems

  • Librarians and institutions may contact NLDSB to clarify matters regarding recruitments, appointments etc. If necessary, NLDSB forwards their problems to the relevant authorities for considerations

  • Identifying the shortcomings in the rules and regulations and circulars related to local libraries and assisting in revising such documents.

  • Maintains close relations with professional institutions in the field of Library and Information Science such as the Sri Lanka Library Association (SLLA), National Institute of Library and Information Science (NILIS), University of Colombo, Department of Library and Information Science, University of Kelaniya.

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