Issue of books and other library material

  • Since the National Library of Sri Lanka is a reference library books and other library materials are issued only for reference purposes. They are not lent due to any reason.
  • All library materials are deposited inside the library and they are kept under close access.
  • All newspapers published in the country since 1976 and ola leaf collection can be refered in the ground floor.
  • Facilities have been arranged in the first and second floors to refer books related to other subjects, periodicals, gazettes, Hansards, reports, etc.
  • Only the National Library staff can enter the collection areas.
  • Books and other library materials can be searched through the computer catalogue.
  • After identifying the required books, it should be mentioned in the call slip and handed over to the counter and then the required library material can be obtained.
  • Only three books are issued to a reader at a time. After returning them more books can be requested.
  • Readers should be responsible for the books until they are returned to the counter.
  • When readers go out after using the library material they should get certified in the call slip that they have returned the books and the call slip should be handed over to the security counter to get their identity card.

Usage of library material

  • Readers should be extremely careful about the security of all library material used and refrain from tearing pages, detaching the pages, distortion and bending the pages.
  • Taking the library material out of the library is illegal.
  • Readers should refrain from bringing food, water bottles, knives, blades, gum, ink, mobile phones, etc. into the library.
  • Use only a pencil in referring the rare books, ola leaf manuscripts, newspapers, etc.

Instructions for the use of newspaper collection

As the newspaper are put in large boxes safely and deposited them in racks. Taking them out and depositing them back according to readers' request is a tedious tusk. Therefore, there may be delays in proving newspapers to readers according to the number of requests and the available staff even under the normal situation, it is difficult to issue a large number of newspapers to readers at a time.

If the readers come with the basic information such as name, date etc. of the newspaper, it is helpful to obtain the required information without delay and avoid the usage of unnecessary newspapers

The national library is opened to fulfill your information needs. It should be protected for the present and future generations.

These newspapers are deposited in boxes in monthly order.

Taking out these newspapers from racks, depositing them back, rearranging the disorganized newspapers is a time consuming tedious task. Therefore, you are kindly requested to forward accurate information of newspapers and obtain only the required newspapers. National Library has compiled a newspaper article index which includes information on newspaper articles published for the last few years. Through this index reader can identify the required information and obtain only the newspapers they need.

Readers are kindly informed to refrain from damaging tearing and taking away the pages. Also it is a convenience for the staff if the readers return the newspapers without disorganizing and after arranging in due order

It is also informed that membership the readers who damage or steal the newspapers or other library material will be canceled and legal action will be taken against them

National Library of Sri Lanka is a research and reference library. Its main objective is to provide a quality and effective service to all the readers.

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