COL-Coursera- NLSL Partnership

As an intergovernmental organisation committed to improving the livelihood conditions of people across the Commonwealth, Commonwealth of Learning (COL) has formed a partnership with Coursera to make a difference to the lives of people whose immediate need is to acquire skills for regaining employment.

The National Library of Sri Lanka (NLSL) finds the Commonwealth of Learning’s approach to skill development among unemployed citizens very appropriate and has partnered with Canada based COL to implement this initiative in Sri Lanka.

The initiative, named Skills Online Sri Lanka Programme will offer scholarship to five thousand (5000) Sri Lankans through a competitive application process.

Who can join the programme

  • Those who are interested to gain new skills to enter into the job market
  • Students who are currently pursuing their undergraduate/ diploma/ postgraduate degree
  • Those who are unemployed and wish to gain skills to start mini and micro-enterprises
  • Those who lost their employment/ income opportunity due to COVID 19 or other reasons and wish to gain new skills / up-skill / reskill to secure a job/income opportunity
  • Instructors/ teachers/ trainer of Technical and Vocational Education and Training

How can you join the programme

Submit the online application form latest by 30st July 2020

Do you need to pay any registration

No. There is no cost to participate in the program.

Benefits of the programme

  • UNLIMITED and FREE access to 3,800 courses designed to skill and reskill citizens of Commonwealth Member States for livelihoods.
  • Programme leads include highly reputed professors and mentors from well recognised universities and institutions around the world. Find more at:
  • Certification from world renowned universities
  • Mentorship support

What is the deadline to join the programme

You can join the programme until 30th September 2020 (first come first serve basis), and complete any of the courses by 31st December 2020 to obtain your certificate.

Helpdesk and support

Programme Coordinator and experts located at the National Library will offer help with choosing courses, and provide administrative, academic support, as well as mentorship and counselling.
TP: 0113 610772

How can you contact us

Individuals can contact the helpdesk at and TP: 0113 610772 and our experts will respond within 24 hours.

Institutions interested in participating in this programme to extend the scholarship to their students/ learners can submit their expression of interest by email

How this works

  • Each learner will be required to complete at least 2 courses. All participants will have access to the e-learning courses until December 2020.
  • Learner has to respond to our email invitation to sign up for Coursera portal within 3 days of receiving.
  • Learner has to enroll in a course or two within a week of accepting the invitation.
  • Learner has to show enough progress with learning, say at least three hours of learning within the first two weeks of joining; and
  • Learner has to complete at least one course within 4 weeks of availing the scholarship.
  • The scholarship will be withdrawn if the learner is not able to demonstrate enough commitment and willingness to take advantage of the scholarship.
  • A helpdesk facility is available to help facilitate learning.

Please fill in the application form We will review your application and if you are eligible for the program, you will receive an invitation to join Coursera e-learning platform.


The selected learners will have access to over 3800 courses (accessible through a smartphone/desktop/laptop) until 31st December 2020 in the following categories.

  • Skills of the Future: Business Analysis/ Data Analytics
  • Skills of the Future: Business Skills
  • Skills of the Future: Cloud
  • Skills of the Future: Cyber Security
  • Skills of the Future: Digital Marketing/ Analytics
  • Skills of the Future: Health Care
  • Skills of the Future: Software Development
  • Skills of the Future: Project Management
  • Business English
  • Digital Literacy for All
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Gateway Certificate: Cloud Architecture w/Google Cloud
  • Gateway Certificate: Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud
  • Gateway Certificate: Google IT Automation with Python
  • Gateway Certificate: Google IT Support
  • Gateway Certificate: SAS Programmer Professional Certificate
  • Gateway Certificate: SAS Visual Business Analytics Professional Certificate
  • In Demand Role: Android App Developer
  • In Demand Role: Business Analyst
  • In Demand Role: Cloud Architect GCP
  • In Demand Role: Cloud Computing Professional AWS
  • In Demand Role: Digital Marketer
  • In Demand Role: Game Developer
  • In Demand Role: iOS App Developer
  • In Demand Role: Java Programmer
  • In Demand Role: Market Analyst
  • In Demand Role: Python Programmer
  • In Demand Role: SEO Analyst
  • In Demand Role: Web Designer
  • Job Readiness
  • Job Search Self Care
  • Skills of the Future: Advanced Mfg
  • Skills of the Future: AI/ ML/ DS
  • Skills of the Future: Human Skills
  • Skills of the Future: Project Management
  • Skills of the Future: Software Development

About Skills Online Sri Lanka

Skills Online Sri Lanka is a skill development program implemented in Sri Lanka by the National Library in partnership with the Commonwealth of Learning.

The Skills Online Sri Lanka works with local organizations, private training centers, educational institutions, and employers to close skill gaps for in-demand jobs responding to employer and industry needs through directly supporting youth and adult to participate and complete skill and professional development courses offered by online learning platform Coursera.

About Commonwealth of Learning

Hosted by the Government of Canada and headquartered in Burnaby, Canada, the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) is the world’s only intergovernmental organisation solely concerned with the promotion and development of distance education and open learning. COL was created by Commonwealth Heads of Government to encourage the development and sharing of open learning/distance education knowledge, resources and technologies. COL is helping developing nations improve access to quality education and training. To learn more about COL:

About Coursera

Coursera was founded in 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. Ng and Koller were inspired by their experiences offering their Stanford courses online in fall 2011, and soon after left Stanford to launch Coursera.

Princeton, Stanford, the University of Michigan and the University of Pennsylvania were the first universities to offer content on the platform. Offerings have since expanded to include Specializations – collections of courses that build skills in a specific subject – as well as degrees and a workforce development product for businesses and government organizations. -

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