“Ratak vatina pothak (A book worth a country)” Book writing programme

Dear sons and daughters,

We know that our loving kids are doing on educational activities at your home from the last 16th of March, 2020. Your attempt of gaining education while staying at home is appreciated. This school vacation has offered you the programme of “Ratak vatina Pothak”. Now you can write a book at home. This programme has been organized for you to become an author, upgrading your creative abilities. It has also been planned to offer distinctions for hundred (100) best creative books from selected ten thousand (10,000) creations from island-wide and those hundred books are to be printed. The rest of the 9900 creations are expected to be published on electronic media by the Ministry of Education.

Hence, dear sons and daughters, let’s begin to write. So what do we write? Your school has been informed of many fields to consider in your compositions. You can build your compositions on all the three languages of Sinhala, Tamil and English. Kids of Grade 1 and 2 can present collections of art-works, poems, Children’s stories, comics, cartoons and kids of from grades 3 to 13 can submit any creation as you like in one of the following fields.

Fields of those books

Children’s stories, poem collections, literary works, short stories, novels, dramas, translations, historical stories, figments, folk tales, science fictions, environmental information, biographies, autobiographies, fairy tales, exaggerated stories, religious stories, brave stories, legend stories, subject-oriented books, fictions, phantom stories, fables, mixed creations.

Here’s how you can write

  • First of all, think about what you are going to write.
  • Thereafter, make a short sketch [What you are going to include]
  • The next step is the arrangement of this plan as you need. Here, initially organize your plan by dividing it into several sections. (Now you have decided on what you are going to write)
  • After that, complete those sections one by one.
  • Remember that every creation/composition should have an attractive flow, arouse curiosity as well as an appetite within the reader and it should include content which will inspire the intellect of the reader. Also it should be suitable for children.
  • When you are completed, read your hand written copy several times, make corrections and then hand it over to your class teacher before 30/06/2020
  • As per the instructions from your school, arrange the cover page, 2nd page, dedication page, acknowledgement, preface and table of contents. Then arrange the last page with your personal information along with your photograph.
  • It is better to type your handwritten work on the computer. Use the “Iskoole Pota” font for this.
  • If you submit a successful creation, you would sure receive an award for it. So, begin writing today itself. It would be a book the whole country would value.
  • We hope that all of you would take part in this activity.
  • The Ministry of Education is looking forward to reward the successful creations.

The whole project is coordinated by the Ministry of Education and the National Library of Sri Lanka.

List of books received for the "Ratak Watina Pothak

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